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Welcome to Ms. Janosky's 4th grade Writing class! I am so excited for this new 2016-2017 school year to begin!!

This year is all about finding out who we are through our writing! I look forward to getting to know all of my lovely 4th graders! 

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Please join us in preparation for the Writing STAAR by supplying these specific camping items for the weeks of our camp. Starting on Monday, students will begin working for the next day's camping essential incentive.
On Monday, they will work towards being able to bring and use flashlights on TUESDAY!
On Tuesday, the will work towards being able to bring and use sleeping bags on WEDNESDAY!
On Wednesday, they will work towards being able to bring and use camping chairs on THURSDAY!
On Thursday, they will work towards being able to wear pajamas on FRIDAY!
These items will build on each other as the week moves along. By Friday, they could very well be writing their last paper while wearing pajamas, sitting in the camping chair of their choice or laying in their sleeping bag, and using a flashlight. How cozy! :)
**We will also be providing a s'mores treat to those students who showed incredible focus, determination, and overall great behavior throughout the week, on Friday!**

Spelling and Affixes for Week Feb. 27 - March 3

Spelling Words:
1) life- lives
2) foot- feet
3) quiz- quizzes
4) story- stories
5) tornado- tornadoes
6) man- men
7) dress- dresses
8) party- parties
9) wolf- wolves
10) fish- fish
1) tele- far
2) auto- self

Don't forget, Monday February 20th is a student holiday, classes will resume on Tuesday next week!

Spelling Words and Affixes for Week Feb. 20 - 24

Spelling Words:
1) complete
2) copy
3) country
4) voice
5) bounce
6) germ
7) gentle
8) gypsy
9) magic
10) guess
Affixes List 8:
1) ex- out of/ from
2) quad- four
3) ed- past tense
4) graph- to write or draw

Spelling Words and Affixes for week Feb. 13 - 17

Spelling Words:
1) knee
2) knock
3) knew
4) sword
5) wrong
6) wrist
7) muscle
8) scene
9) scissors
10) stomach
Affixes List 7:
1) trans- across
2) fract- to break
3) struct- to build

Valentine Class Rosters

Here are the class rosters for each teacher's homeroom class. If you choose to send personalized cards or treats, please make sure that every student in your child's homeroom class is given a valentine. <3

Valentine's Party!

On Tuesday, February 14th, we will be having our Valentine's Party in class. Please see the attached document for details about the party. 
EACH teacher will have her homeroom class during the time of the party on Tuesday. 

Spelling Words and Affixes for week Feb. 6 - 10

Spelling Words:
1) arch
2) pitch
3) watch
4) catcher
5) punish
6) kitchen
7) fetch
8) approach
9) sandwich
10) attach
Affix List 5:
1) sub- under
2) hydro- water

Spelling Words and Affixes for week Jan. 30 - Feb. 3

Spelling Words:
1) eight
2) ate
3) meet
4) meat
5) fair
6) fare
7) hire
8) higher
9) plain
10) plane
Affixes List 5:
1) co- with, together
2) anti- against
3) de- do opposite of
4) tri- three
5) bi- two

Spelling Words and Affixes for week Jan. 23 - 27

Spelling Words:
1) here
2) hear
3) four
4) for
5) dear
6) deer
7) your
8) you're
9) knew
10) new
Affixes List 4:
1) able- can be done
2) inter- between
3) port- to carry
4) s, es- more than one (plural)

Spelling Words and Affixes for week Jan. 16 - 20

Spelling Words:
1) there
2) they're
3) their
4) to
5) too
6) two 
7) where
8) ware
9) pair
10) pear
Affixes List 3:
1) ology- study of
2) less- without
3) mis- wrongly
4) over- too much, above 

Spelling Words and Affixes for week Jan. 9 - 13

Spelling Words:
1) dislike
2) disappear
3) disobey
4) disown
5) disagree
6) incorrect
7) impolite
8) impossible
9) incomplete
10) impatient
Affixes List 2:
1) bio- life
2) ful- full of
3) under- under/below
4) er- one who

Spelling Words and Affixes for week Jan. 2 - 6

Spelling Words
1) dresses
2) dishes
3) foxes
4) sandwiches
5) wrenches
6) brushes
7) churches
8) branches
9) passes
10) quizzes
Affixes List 1
1) re- again
2) pre- before
3) un- not
4) dis- not, opposite, apart
5) im- not
6) geo- earth

I wanted to take time to welcome everyone back from the holidays!
Tomorrow classes will resume at the regular time. Please make sure your child is at school and ready for class by 7:20AM. 
I hope everyone had a fabulous break, and you are ready get back in the swing of things bright and early!